Having trouble getting your authors to provide the content you need? Having issues communicating the breadth of your experience to customers? Don't understand what the government is expecting to see? I've helped companies and teams develop their past performance materials and increase the conformance of their contract experience to government expectations for more than 18 years. I can help you combine the contract history documentation with interviews of your performance team to design and distill the best representation of your capabilities for a specific bid.  I can also help you explain your capabilities within a teaming context to provide team-level relevance for leading or joining teams. 


Are you really relying on current performers to write your proposals? Are you paying the bill twice - once for their time away from the job, and a second time for their inability to think outside their current environment?  Let me help you present their knowledge and understanding in context with a new, fresh, and innovative approach.  Keep your staff producing earnings and limit their time away from work by using my experience in translating and integrating their knowledge and achievements in a proposal.  I can help keep the deliverable focused on maximizing the score when evaluated against the customer's RFP.



With more proposal teams operating outside the proposal room, integration of the contributions and the messaging is a critical element of lowering overhead costs while achieving proposal success at source selection.  Not surprisingly, many of the government source selection teams are also widely distributed too. Working with business managers across proposal development areas, I've helped pull themes and concepts, strengths and discriminators across the volumes and deliverables to present the most compelling points in each component of the offer. I help proposal teams draw their best score in every part of source selection by delivering the key messages from across the proposal  to each source selector and selection team.


Maybe you already have the ideas and content needed to win. Perhaps you just need an experienced proposal resource to supplement or stand in for a key team member. Whether deploying for months at a time to support major proposals at RFP release or flying in at Red Team to review and stay with Red Repair, my experience has helped bring home the effort of companies and individuals across the deadlines and into source selector's hands. Let my experience fill in the gaps or bring in fresh perspective to overcome your proposal resource challenges.