For more than 18 years, I've authored, organized, managed, reviewed, and submitted proposals for government contracts. I've experienced all aspects of proposal development from the point of view of a subcontractor, a prime, and a business owner.


I've worked proposals with industry leaders and small busineses.  I've led management volume development for large integrators, consulting firms, IT and engineering firms to take the load off their busy program team and management staff.  Deployed into their proposal centers, I helped author their sections from interviews and research. I have assembled the information of multiple companies on a bidding team, adapting the writing styles and content to best reflect their different corporate capabilities and cultures.  I've written proposals from scratch as a one-man show and participated in small and large proposals winning purchase orders for $100,000 to single award contracts worth more than $500,000,000.

I've crafted past performance information, interviewed key staff and performers, and helped tailor a packaged solution to specific customers and their unique requirements, drawing out the best of company capabilities and targeting it to the customer's requirements and mission focus.

As a business owner and executive, I've worked with large companies to help integrate their teammates in strategic bids for strength and best competitive positioning. I've even entered proposals in late phases at Pink and Red Teams to inject innovation, creativity, and help teams re-focus toward customer objectives.  In several instances, I've helped teams rewrite with fresh perspective to turn dry  content into a focused, integrated and strategic story that helps teams win. 

I've helped small companies enter the market, and I've managed and delivered end to end business development content into the source selection process with notable wins from teams we supported.  I have helped teams re-win their incumbencies and helped new players and new primes win and deliver innovative change to legacy environments. 

Now I consult directly for several companies, small and large. Contact me to learn more.  I am available to discuss your project confidentially and schedule your support.